and here we are

19 Jan

fastforward six years.  after new zealand, there  was portland. then new orleans. and don’t forget new mexico. now, i am closer to home.

i am just a little suckerfish engaged in a symbiotic yet inexplicable relationship with the universe. but then again, perhaps the life i lead is the perfect dose for me in the context of my journey.

but there are days i underappreciate my day to day successes. on those days, i overlook the moments that everyone should appreciate — cooking a meal, having a nice conversation, a belly laugh, the sharing, the loving, and the growing.

so here’s to the small successes.








9 Aug

in wellington. the weather is nice and the folk are friendly. spoke with an artist painting a mural on the exterior wall of  a public toilet. excuse the pun, but it was some good shit. had a nice talk with her. the arts council paid her $10,000 to do the mural minus her cost for the paints and supplies. she is of Maori descent.

wandered into a few galleries and the public gallery, City Art. also found a cool gallery featuring the work of an artist doing photographic images of landscapes and buildings with a striking abstract quality once you step up to it. had both a coldness and a warmth. we’re talking $15,000 to $22,000 per painting.

ate a nice indian meal tonight. a killer thali. loved it. tomorrow will probably cook for myself. heading back to auckland area with the Rosses soon. might extend one day here. its hard to face the Peewee Experience bus ride. there is a reason i dont hang out with 20 year old people. on the bus, i could actually feel the life beig sucked out of me. i think it even made a sound. 😉



New Art

8 Aug

So yesterday, I coughed up three small 8 x 10 canvas board images that I will post  later. One is a simple piece with outstretched arms of different colors. The second one is  minimalist tree image I am particularly happy with. The third is a convoluted, messy meditation on the geometry of trees. Then at the airport and aplane I did too quick black on white images done quickly — I was agitated and needed them. One is a Moari-esque heap of geometric shapes conjuring up a cubist-esque deconstruction of a face refracting all about. The second one is more simple geometry; i view it as non-representational design work. REally pleased with those two on Japanese rice paper. No color.

I am excited to see my experiences showing up in my work: the maori art influences and the geometry of trees.  It is not forced or intentional, but organically influenced by the environment that has surrounded me. THAT pleases me.

Lost & Found

8 Aug

Christchurch swallowed part of me up. I’m not going to say what, but yesterday I lost something. Not something I can’t replace, but something that I would have rather not lost at any rate. I’d like to think that mistakes we make more times than not prevent us from making the same mistake later an even a greater cost. For example, If I lose my keys, it will tighten me up so that I don’t later lose my entire car. Ok, not a great example. At any rate, as I was asking a couple for  directions into Wellington, a very nice person named isa cheerily offered to share her cab with me into the city. And i tell you, that infusion of kindness really made my day…. and it was received exactly when i need it. as the Stones have sung, “You can’t always get what you want… but you get what you need.” My evening went on to include an hour of two gaffawing with friendly  staff at a nearby restaurant/bar — such a warm and fun time. For my beer-minded readersship I must say that I tried the following: Tautara APA (“American” Pale Ale), which I found hoptastic, a Tautaura Helles (previously introduced to me by my old friend and borth island host, Sean; a fine german lager, i believe bordering on creamy on the pallete, and  my favorite Mexicaan beer, “Bohemia” which I grew to love when I lived on the Baja coast.

Old and new, lost and found… life CAN get better. will it? hardly a garrauntee. could it? absolutely. course of action: live life  – with as few expectations as possible – and find out.


Christchurch, Prison, and Travel Fatigue

7 Aug

I made it to the city of Christchurch today. On the outskirts actually. A fairly long day of travel.  A bit burned out. Had a nice vegetarian meal at a northern Indian restaurant five minutes on foot from a historic prison-turned-lodging called aptly “The Jailhouse”. It’s a pretty funky spot that caters to backpackers of different demographics. Its  been tricked out in a post modern minimalist revamp, which is both artistically striking and jailhouse campy. One of the cells has been preserved in its original state replete with pretty amazing jail house art.  The first thing that caught my eyes was the obsessive treatment of the female form. Go figure. Dude’s in prison and all. Photos to follow. I am crashing soon. Will posts some sketches from along the way and wil get to taking hots o the fractured city tomorrow. Stay tuned.


6 Aug

Well, I am leaving the snowy bosoms of Queenstown and heading to Christchurch, which is still – at best – recovering from the earthquakes there earlier this year. I am keen to take some street snaps of the city.  I fancy the city in a state of rebirth rather than in a state of condemnation.  Ironically, it is the 66th anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing, not to mention that I am in my own stage of rebirth in many ways.

Shiva, Lord of Destruction, you rock on with your bad self. 😉 You pave the way for new life. One hopes.


6 Aug

It has been 66 years since the Hiroshima atomic bombing. Today I will create art while reflecting on what it means to me. Not sure how it will go or what i will end up creating. I am looking forward to shaing it with you and perhaps gaining a deeper understanding of what it means to me. Stay tuned.